LJ almost joined Evos, but he refused it for this reason!

Prior to RRQ, LJ was mostly involved in Evos, but declined for this reason.

The fact that LJ is one of Indonesia’s most talented mobile legend players is unavoidable.

In addition, the nickname Legend is well worth fixing to him, who has been playing in the MLBB Pro scene from the beginning.

In addition, LJ became the first player to win three Indonesian MPL titles with Lemon.

Note that he won MPL Season 1 with Nxl and Seasons 5 and 6 with RRQ Hoshi.

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from lj to evos

But did you know that at the start of MPL Season 3 LJ was offered to join Evos eSports?

In an interview from EmpeTalk, LJ was invited by Evos by G at the time, but he considered the offer twice.

During survival as two longtime comrades with Aerowolf Roxy, Rave and Billy, were still there.

Or choose to join Evos eSports, which was full of great players at the time, such as Oura and Jess No Limit.

And after hesitating to think about everything, he finally decided to decline the offer from Evos. He felt his team at the time (Aerowolf) was still strong in rave and billy.

This decision is definitely the right choice for LJ. Because if I was only attending Evos at the time, I wouldn’t have had the same opportunity to attend RRQ.

His decision to join RRQ in the next season (MPL S4) was the right step. He succeeded in making RRQ second in S4 and champion in S5 and S6.

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