Live streaming of games on YouTube Android

When we open YouTube and want to watch a video, we may see it often live current or a live view of a playing Youtuber Games. To do live Streaming while playing Games it’s a very exciting thing for some people. Plus, it can also be seen by a lot of people as the show is live live or directly.

Maybe most of us think when we do live current We have to use a pc / computer with decent specs even though we do live current is a very simple thing, even now it can only be done through Android phones.

Although cell phones are only relied on, the results are from live current what we do is in no way inferior to the results live current from pcs. We can continue to produce videos live current with the best results, if only with an Android phone and of course, you don’t have to go through the process root to be able to do it.

For everyone who is curious or who just wants to try it out live current on YouTube and maybe you just want to become a Youtuber with Android, you can try the following method.

Video tutorials

UPDATE: As an alternative to the YouTube gaming application, you can use the “Omlet Arcade ” which can be downloaded from the Play Store


1. Download YouTube gaming app on Google Play.

2. Next, open the YouTube Gaming app. Tap PRESS START then Tap back to symbol profile in the upper right corner.

3rd Tap menu Sign up and then log into your YouTube account Tap again symbol Up arrow.

4. Choose NEXT then on settings Tap STREAM and also format the next video just select the application Games who wants Streaming– to the right.

5. Next add title and description to the live current in the specified column. Don’t forget to check Allow interesting apps before other apps are there Pop up Select ENABLE.

6. You are brought to Games that you want to play to get started right away Streaming can directTap symbol current what’s in the middle.

This is an easy way to live stream games on Android on YouTube. This official streaming app from Google / YouTube can also be used on iOS / iPhone users.

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