Lius Andre Leaks Udil is trialing on Alter Ego!

Lius Andre reveals that Udil is the test of Alter Ego! Rumors of ONIC Udil wearing an Alter Ego uniform have been noisy recently. Udil is rumored to be part of a team full of Moundy and his friends at the next Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MPL) Indonesia Season 6.

On a RevivalTV show called Planet Esports, Moonton’s former Esports Manager Lius Andre leaked that Udil was actually trying out on Alter Ego. Of course, the information that Rius Andre tells can be retained because Rius Andre himself is a reliable person in Mobile Legends.

Source: Revival TV

In fact, in that episode of Planet Esports, RevivalTV tried to take Udil to answer rumors that Udil had left ONIC Esports, but unfortunately Udil refused the video call.

However, Lius Andre was asked by KB, Ranger Emas, Pak Pulung, and Volva to publish a hot transfer for Mobile Legends. Lius Andre simply replied, “Udil has already tried it on Alter Ego.”This further explains that Udil will soon be the team uniform. If the trial is successful.

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Source: Spin esports

Previously, Udil moved to a three-sided team It has also been confirmed by two mobile legends pro players, the Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) player R7, and Maungzy, who later became Udil’s teammate.

Stay tuned for official information from Alter Ego and whether this nicknamed Saiwar Builder will appear in Alter Ego at the upcoming MPLI 4 Nations Cup Tournament. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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