Listen here! Simple Tips to Become a Free Fire Pro Player in the Style of LetDa Hyper

YNEC 2022 Free Fire Champion

Dock. Garena

YNEC 2022 Free Fire Champion

GridGames.ID – Becoming a pro player is not necessarily achieved for free.

There is a struggle that a pro player must go through before he is at the peak of glory.

The ups and downs in pursuing a career seem to have become a spice that accompanies every pro player journey.

The team is also one of the factors that can determine the success of a pro player.

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As experienced by Yogi Pramana Putra or better known as LetDa Hyper.

This retainer from the Free Fire division of the Eternal Esports team, fought hard to become the pro player he is now.

Well, he also has some simple tips that must be done to become a pro player.

The first basic step that must be done is to practice often.

“The tips, of course, are the first practice,” said Yogi in a press conference for the Free Fire Fall Season 2022 tournament which was held online, Friday (7/8).

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