Listen Here! 5 Interesting Augmented Reality Mobile Games in 2022

GridGames.ID – Video games with an Augmented-Reality (AR) system are currently being played.

AR itself is a technology that combines two-dimensional or three-dimensional virtual displays into the real world, then displays them directly.

Now, there are already a variety of game titles that come with this system, and have proven to have a consistent fan base.

AR games also have various types or ranging from sports, fighting, casual to racing.

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Well, here GridGames has recommended the best AR games that you can try and it’s FREE, check it out!

1. Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime


Ingress Prime

This title became one of the first AR games to attract a large number of fans on the mobile platform.

This game is developed by Niantic, and has gameplay about hacking portals and becoming an agent.


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