List of free PlayStation Plus games May 2022

Welcome to the PlayStation Plus area! This time there are three on PlayStation Plus in May 2022 Games free on PS4 Days Gone, LEGO Worlds, and XMorph Defense as well as a Games PS5 free Strange storm of soul.

Get ready for an adventure fighting for justice in your nation Oddworld: Storm of Souls, survive the zombie attack in Days goneto build your own LEGO world in LEGO worlds.

For those of you who have a PlayStation, you can use this PlayStation Plus service to Games free of charge every month only by paying an annual subscription fee of Rp. 559,000 (for the Asian region).

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See more Games free for PlayStation Plus May 2022 below.

Oddworld: Storm of Souls – PS5

Similar to Games before Oddworld: Abes Exoddus, this time Abe di Oddworld: Storm of Souls will return to save his people from forced labor. Games it’s only free on PS5, so player If you subscribe to PS Plus but only have PS4, you cannot play it. Some updates too Games That is, you can use the system handcraft new ones to create a wider variety of weapons to help you complete missions.

Days gone PS4

Days gone will challenge you to survive from zombie attacks where you can defeat them with firearms, melee weapons or other artificial weapons. Not only do you have to face zombies, but you have to face multiple gangs of human beings who are enemies and cannibals known as freakers. Most unique, of course, is the mechanics of the Deacon motorcycle, which is used as the main means of transportation for the player character and the storage area.

LEGO worlds PS4

Do you love to play LEGO and want to experience what it is like to have your own version of the LEGO world? You have to try to play LEGO worlds with which you can build the LEGO world according to your wishes. It’s time you used your best imagination to create the best LEGO world ever!

XMorph Defense PS4

What would happen if aliens really invaded Earth and how? game XMorph Defense to find the answer. You will fight as an alien tasked with invading earth using the look Top-down shooter and game Tower defense defeat the enemy.

Note: All Games You can download it from May 6th to May 5th, 2022.

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