Link & Instructions for Anonymous Chat Telegram Indonesia 2022

How to Play Anonymous Chat Telegram Indonesia – There are currently many chat applications that can be downloaded for free on different platforms, be it Android, iOS or Windows. And one of the most popular chat applications in Indonesia is Telegram.

Aside from WhatsApp, Telegram’s role doesn’t seem to be shifting entirely. This is because Telegram has several interesting and unique features compared to other chat applications. Chat functions and user privacy are also guaranteed in this application.

Well, one of the cool features of the Telegram application is the anonymous chat bot to make new friends on Telegram. How do I then use the anonymous chat telegram? For more details, let’s see How to Play and the Anonymous-Chat-Telegram Indonesia link below.

What is an anonymous chat telegram?

Anonymous Chat Telegram is a bot that allows users to send anonymous messages. Using bots, users are linked to other random users who also use this function.

Since Telegram has hidden all the identities of users who use this feature, you don’t have to worry about identity leaks unless one of the users provides the username or number used.

In general, Anonymous Chat Telegram is widely used by users in Indonesia to make new friends on Telegram. Using this bot is very easy. Check out the following tutorial on how to make friends in Telegram using Anonymous Chat.

How to use the anonymous chat telegram

It’s easier to make new friends on social media thanks to the anonymous Chat Telegram bot. So here are the steps on how to find friends on Telegram Anonymous Chat:

  1. First, open the Telegram application. If you don’t have this application, you can download and register Telegram directly with your mobile number from the link below.
  2. Next, run and open the Telegram application seek in the upper right corner.
  3. Then type “Anonymous chat“And several search results appear, please select the bot type. Here I am using the one above with a username @anonxbot. You can also open it from the Indonesian Telegram’s anonymous chat link which is is
    Chat seek anonymous chat telegram
  4. Click the START button to make new friends in the anonymous Chat Telegram. And usually you connect directly with other anonymous chat users or partners. You can send messages or files at this stage.
    How to play anonymous chat telegram
  5. Complete.
  6. To use bots or play anonymous chat telegram, you can enter the commands below.

    • /Seek – to find new partners or friends, where the bot can find you other Telegram users who also use anonymous chat.
    • /next – End the conversation and find a new partner. When you’ve met and you want to find other anonymous chat users, you can use this command.
    • /stop – Use this command to end an ongoing anonymous conversation.
    • / Share a link – Share your Telegram link with partners. If you want to share your Telegram ID you can use this command.
    • /the settings – Use the settings command to change your gender as an anonymous Chat Telegram user.
    • /Help – to learn the basics of using anonymous chat.
    • /Rules – see the rules of the anonymous chat telegram.

    In addition to the Anonymous Telegram bot mentioned above, you can also find foreign friends on Telegram via a bot with the username @AnonRuBot. Well, for more details, here is a collection of anonymous Chat Telegram links:

    Why the anonymous chat telegram bot does not appear

    There are many reasons why the Anonymous Chat Telegram bot cannot be used or does not respond to commands from users. One of the most common problems is server problems and the version of Telegram that has not been updated or does not match.

    In addition, a bad network can also lead to anonymous bot telegram errors. In order for the bot to work properly, make sure that you have updated the Telegram application to the latest version. If you’re still having problems, all you can do is wait for improvements from the Telegram bot developer.

    Well, this is Telegram Indonesia anonymous chat for making new friends on Telegram. Okay, that’s it for this short article and I hope it’s useful. If there are any problems or tutorials on how to make friends on Telegram Anonymous Chat, please comment below.