Lineage2 Revolution Presents First Expansion Pack, Antharas’s Wrath

New Lineage2 Revolution Expansion Pack update


New Lineage2 Revolution Expansion Pack update

GridGames.ID – One of the games made by Netmarble, Lineage2 Revolution, has announced its newest update.

On October 29, Lineage2 Revolution introduced the first “Expansion Pack” since its global release last November 2022.

The latest Expansion Pack in this MMORPG genre game presents Antharas’s Wrath.

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Antharas’s Wrath Expansion Pack comes with original scenarios, characters, and in-game content.

In addition there are 4 new character types that can help in improving your main character will be available for collection and strengthening.

As part of this Expansion Pack, new Raid content that can accommodate up to 25 players.

You can cooperate in defeating the Big Boss “Antharas” for those of you who have high levels.

Well, you can enjoy a variety of new content that will be released for the next 3 months along with the presence of an additional new server.

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Starting October 29th, a new server called “Waltner” will be opened to celebrate the arrival of the Expansion Pack.

When creating a character on a new server, the character will start at level 320 and gain 3 million CP.

Event Boosting is also available to help you level up faster to level 445.

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In addition, you can also get 1,000 Equipment Enhancement Scrolls.

Special rewards will also be given according to various achievements.

In addition, you can also enjoy the Strengthening Cost Discount Event on some Equipment, Soul Crystals, and Mount Pets, you know.

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Lineage2 Revolution is a mobile version of the MMORPG featuring high-quality graphics from Unreal Engine 4.

There is a large-scale Open World that can accommodate up to 200 players in real-time battles.

Kuy, immediately update your Lineage2 Revolution to feel the new sensation of this Expansion Pack update.


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