Lineage 2 Revolution Update Major Patch, Challenge Reach level 180

Update to Level 180, challenge gamers to reach the highest level in Lineage 2 Revolution

On July 26, 2022, the Lineage 2 Revolution game, which is the mobile version of the Lineage 2 game, will enter a maintenance period. The most striking thing and in this update is the increase in the maximum level that can be achieved by players, from previously only up to level 120 until now reaching level 180. The addition of this level cap is also expected to be accompanied by the addition of other features such as Armor, Equipment , Accessories and Quest Updates; but for details, only a few are shown on the notice page.

Lineage 2 Revolution Update Major Patch for the First Time

Not Only Level Cap, Addition of clan and dungeon features are presented in this update

Full details of Lineage 2 Revolution’s First Major Patch, written by CM Eugene on the netmarble forum, can be seen below;

1. Maximum Level Cap
– Increased Level from 120 to 180!
2. New Territory
– Territory gear added
3. New Pet Mount
– Kukurin added
4. New Clan Hall
– New additional room for clan
5. Title System
– Get titles of the existing tasks, this title can increase the status of your character
6. Workshop System Added
– Now you can bind and salvage to create new items
7. Clan Dungeon Queen Ant
– New difficulty level
8. Skill Update
– Some skills get adjustment
9. Dungeon Equipment and Summoning Stone Dungeon Adjustments
– Improved Party matching system
10 Others
– Some things have been adjusted

In this Major Patch, the Lineage 2 game client will get an additional patch of Size: 250MB ~ 300MB

For those of you who have trouble logging in or can’t update after maintenance, you can check the following link Click here for trouble shooting

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