Let’s Register BRAWL STARS Open 2022 Indonesian Qualification Here

Brawl Stars Open 2022 is ready to be held

Hello Mobileagu friends, after being released at the end of 2022, Brawl stars finally arrived in Indonesia. In a series of collaborations between Supercel and Line, the 2022 Brawl Stars Open has been officially launched. Tournament with prizes of tens of millions of rupiah and the opportunity to represent Indonesia in the SEA arena

Let's Register BRAWL STARS Open 2022 Indonesian Qualification Here

Brawl Star Prize Pool

Brawl Star Open 2022 prepares a prize money of IDR 20,000,000 which will be contested by all teams in Indonesia with the distribution of prizes for each winner as follows

  • The first champion
    • Cash IDR 10,000,000
    • Representing Indonesia in Brawl Stars Open 2022 – SEA Qualifier
  • Runner up
  • The third champion
Let's Register BRAWL STARS Open 2022 Indonesian Qualification Here

Conditions for participating in the competition

To take part in this match, there are several things that you must pay attention to in order to meet the tournament requirements.

  • Minimum age 16 years and can provide evidence (KTP, SIM, Student Card, Student Card)
  • Joined in 1 team consisting of 4 people and consists of
    • 3 main players
    • 1 reserve player
  • Indonesian citizen and domiciled in Indonesia
  • Have no bad track record (Fraud, hacking, cheats and more)

Game rules

  • The match is divided into several qualifying stages, namely:
    • Chapter 128 Big
    • Round of 64
    • Round of 16
    • Round 4 Big
    • Semi-Finals
    • Grand Finals
  • Each Round will use a different number of matches
    • Round of 128 using Best of 3
    • Round of 16 using Best of 5
  • Classification of competition conditions
    • Game (Match): 3 sets (Round 128) or 5 sets (Round 16 – Final) after the number of sets.
    • Set: consists of 3 matches each.
    • Game: is actually a single match played by the athlete, with the smallest unit playing.

The schedule will be announced next before the match starts

To see the complete match rules, please click here

List of Brawl Star Open 2022 Qualification Indonesia

This official tournament has opened registration for those of you who want to participate and become representatives of Indonesia since the beginning of this week, and registration will be coming soon. closed September 24, 2022. To register, you can simply click on the following link

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