Let’s Pre-Register for EOS with LINE ID, Ready for PVP 29 July 2022

EOS Pre-Registration with LINE

Hello Mobileague friends, of course you know Line, right? A popular chat room messenger application on smartphones that has grown more and more its wings. We are certainly familiar with the games on Line, and this time they come with a variety of game titles that all gamers have been waiting for, one of which is EOS: The Blue. Amazingly, you can already pre-register for EOS with LINE Login, on the LINE Pod platform. So Mobileague friends don’t have to bother creating another account.

EOS Pre-Registration with LINE
EOS Pre-Registration with LINE

Getting to know EOS The Blue

Good news this year for hardcore RPG fans in Southeast Asia because EOS (Echo of Soul) will be available for you to play. EOS itself has been opened in various countries in North America and Europe since 2022 and will be opened in 13 other Southeast Asian Countries. This MMORPG game is guaranteed to give you a sense of addiction to the adventure in the game.

EOS Pre-Registration with LINE
EOS Pre-Registration with LINE

EOS The Blue Story

The story begins with a war between the Gods and the Giants. The Gods finally won the war, but the Giant King’s contaminated blood polluted the source of all creation. The Gods tried to purify the world of evil spirits, but the Gods were unable to do so. You must become the Soulkeeper of the gods and protect the world from threats.

Feature Feature EOS The Blue

On EOS, there are 7 Classes that you can play, which have been present in all MMORPG game titles from time immemorial. The seven classes consist of the following classes.

  • warriors,
  • guardians,
  • archers,
  • rogue,
  • Sorceress,
  • warlock,
  • Paladins.
EOS Pre-Registration with LINE
EOS Pre-Registration with LINE

Besides that, you also do custom on your character starting from the face model, hair style and eye shape.

PvP Features

Of course, it won’t be fun if the MMPRG game doesn’t have a PVP mode, aka Player versus player. Now this time in the EOS The Blue game, the modes that can be played are 1VS 1 or 3 VS 3, as well as Dungeons that you can play with parties and many other features that will certainly make you feel at home playing games.

EOS Pre-Registration with LINE
EOS Pre-Registration with LINE

Pre-Registration and Live Rewards Hadiah

Blue Potion Games in collaboration with Line POD will open Pre-Register on July 29, 2022 to August 09, 2022 which of course by Pre-Registering you can get various items worth $30. The Grand Launching itself will be held in August.

If you follow this EOS The Blue Pre-Registration, you will get a prize in the form of very valuable in-game items such as the items below

EOS Pre-Registration with LINE
Only by Pre-Registering you can get various items worth $30 in the EOS The Blue game
  • Pure White Griffon (15 days)
  • Infinite Resuscitation Scroll (15 days)
  • Infinite Resuscitation Potion (15 days)
  • Premium Pack (15 days)
  • Premium Plus Pack (15 days)
  • Nutritional Supplements (7 days)

Notes that you can read when you pre-register.

Pre-Register EOS game With Line Account Login Now

So don’t forget to join the Pre-Register event and invite your friends to play together on EOS.

About Line Pod

  • Service name: LINE POD
  • Service type: game platform for PC
  • Region: Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines
  • Language: Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Thai, English.

About LINE Corporation Based in Japan, LINE Corporation (NYSE:LN/TSE:3938) has a mission to ‘Close the Distance’ and connect information, services and users. The messaging app LINE was launched in June 2011 and since then has grown into a diverse global ecosystem, including AI technology, financial technology (FinTech), and others.

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