Let’s Learn the Background of Kamen Rider Saber! Understand the Secret of His Power!

With the end of Kamen Rider Zero One, the second Kamen Rider Reiwa series has begun to take shape. With the name Kamen Rider Saber, what will the series be like? tokusatsu this latest? Come read more!

Kamen Rider Saber Background

As the 31st series, Kamen Rider Saber this time taking the motifs of “Stories” and “Swords. With a focus on the existence of a magic book that has influenced the world since time immemorial, the story in this series will be seen from the perspective of the knights who protect it. The knights themselves are chosen by the holy sword which gives them the power to transform into Kamen Riders.

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However, since a knight named Kamen Rider Calibur betrayed him, chaos began to occur. The effect was so great that the power contained in the so-called magic book became scattered and dissipated. And this is where the story of Kamiyama Touma, the main character who will be destined to become Kamen Rider Saber, begins.

Chosen By the Holy Sword

Kamiyama Touma is a novelist who one day finds a connecting road to Wonder World. In his belief that books can help humans to find happiness, Touma was chosen by “Seiken” (Holy Sword) to be one of the protectors, Kamen Rider Saber.

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Kamen Rider Saber itself will have a transformation device called the Seiken Swordriver which if paired with the Wonder Ride Book will allow the user to turn into a Kamen Rider. The main form of Kamen Rider Saber itself will use a Wonder Ride Book called Brave Dragon. With the fire dragon element, this form itself can be combined with two more Wonder Ride Books, so that it will add skills to Kamen Rider Saber attacks, in addition to using a sword called Seiken Kaeken Rekka as the main weapon. It can also be seen, from the placement, that the book that is installed will affect the appearance of Kamen Rider Saber either on the left, right or center of the costume.

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Secondary Rider With Water Element

Discussing Kamen Rider, of course, cannot be separated from the presence of the second rider. And for this show, the second rider has been raised from the start as one of the selected protectors. Named Kamen Rider Blaze, Shindo Rintaro is a protector who will use a Wonder Ride Book named Lion Senki (Lion’s Military History). In contrast to Saber who has the element of fire, Blaze will have the element of water with the holy sword he uses named Seiken Suiseiken Nagare.

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Enemy With Book Elements?

So far, there have been three enemies shown. With the names Regiel, Zuos, and Sutorius, it’s still unclear what their goal is to change the world. However, there are two interesting things that can be captured from their appearance in the first trailer for this latest series.

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The first is that each of them carries a book that seems to relate to the respective powers that the three of them possess. Although Regiel’s book is unfortunately not titled, it can be seen that the other two books have the words “ikimono” (living things) and “monogatari” (stories), does this mean that the holder of the book will be able to create monsters according to his wishes? characteristics of the book? If so, then this will be the same as Greed’s power in the Kamen Rider OOO series.

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The second thing that attracts these criminals is their name. Although Zuos still hasn’t come up with anything familiar, the names Regiel and Sutorius themselves sound a bit like Regendo (Legend) and Sutori (Story). So, it can also be concluded that the three of them or the power they have both come from existing magic books, fulfilling the Kamen Rider trope that is always present in each series.

And that’s it Kamen Rider Saber, how about Mobidachi what do you think about this new series? How many of you are excited about the theme, story and design of this rider? Come on, leave your comments below. And keep following us for more news. See you!

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