Lemon Main League of Legends, Retired from Mobile Legends?

Is there a retirement from RRQ Lemon Main League of Legends (LoL), Mobile Legends? Of course, when talking about Mobile Legends players, we are already familiar with the name Lemon aka Muhammad Ikhsan.

This player is called an “alien” because he has a good understanding of Mobile Legends from a micro or macro perspective. Not only that, Lemon’s mechanical ability is also one of the best.

However, there is some interesting information from RRQ Lemon, and according to Tutulu, Lemon’s former teammate at RRQ Hoshi said Lemon could retire.

RRQ lemon
Via photo: MPL Indonesia

This is what Jonathan Liandi guest star Tuurut said when he watched a livestream of the match against RRQ’s Aura Fire. At that time, Lemon didn’t play and Wizking replaced his position as a side lane.

Tuturu said he didn’t want to play anymore because RRQ lost because Lemon didn’t play. Interestingly, the moment Tuturu announced Lemon’s retirement, he was accompanied by RRQ Lemon, who was playing League of Legends (LoL).

Wild Rift Info’s Instagram story upload shows that RRQ Lemon is playing LoL Personal Computer (PC) and learning skills.

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Suddenly, I assumed that this would overwhelm the Indonesian League of Legends community, and RRQ Lemon would soon retire, replacing LoL players, especially the LoL Wild Rift, which is rumored to exist later this year.

Will Lemon really retire in the competitive arena of Mobile Legends and switch to LoL, according to Spinner?

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