Legend of Dragon Slayer – Very promising!

Devata Game which is one of the studios Games from Indonesia has stolen the majority’s attention player. After they previously announced that they would be a Action games, now Devata Game has a demo of. released Games made by them that is called Biwar: Legend of Dragon Slayer.

Interested in any other concept than Games Indonesia mainly, Gimbot eventually tried pre-alpha from Biwar: Legend of Dragon Slayer. There are several points that concern us, starting with Gameplay, combat system, and of course the visualization.

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It has to be admitted that while they offer a very, very short demo, the short demo can be said to be filled with a number of mechanisms Style of play that we will meet in the version finallater. After me, Games this is very promising and the quality should not be underestimated, even though it is only produced by a team with relatively little personnel expenditure.

What are our grades while playing? Games the? Why do we say it as Games Indonesia, the quality of which is very promising?

Have Style of play the good

Biwar: Legend of Dragon Slayer will compete Games with Action genre. Of course, in order to compete, they have to have Style of play solid and plot very. Here Devata Game managed to mix up something Style of play very good and solid.

Devata Game creates at least two camera angles in Games this first is third person over the shoulder how God of War Resident Evil 4 Hellblade and A plague story of innocence. This camera angle is used when you are exploring or doing things related Non-fight.

When you encounter an enemy and invade Combat mode, the camera moves away until it does Games that is similar Souls series or Assassin’s Creed. With a wider camera angle, player can also see the enemy hordes that are later present from afar.

Of course, this camera difference is a very interesting thing because it managed to create a sensation between struggle and Non-fight feel different.

What is also on the part of the. to consider? Style of play other than the question of the camera perspective it is about Move or the movement of characters in Games the how Games plot modern, Biwar: Legend of Dragon Slayer presents a lot of character movement, starting with the passage through the typical narrow walls Tomb Raider restart, crouch, crawl and jump.

The changes in these movements also feel very natural, although in some moments they are still stiff. But it’s only natural because this is still a pre-alpha product that needs a lot of improvement. So what is the quality like? Games Is this the emphasis on the struggle aspect? I can say quite well.

The moment when you fight the enemy inside Games that is similar Hellblade or Souls series. The existing enemies are not that difficult to defeat, but they are quite difficult to overcome. To defeat the enemy you will need a lot of different moves and attacks.

Because if not, the enemy can easily hurt you. Not to mention, the enemy not only attacks, but can survive your attacks as well. If our attack is successfully repelled by the enemy, there is a special effect where the main character ricochets and stops moving for a few seconds, making him very vulnerable to attacks from other opponents.

So far the battle has presented itself Biwar: Legend of Dragon Slayer very promising and fun. If the variety of enemies presented is huge, then perhaps the combat moments are the part that is worth waiting for.

But if the enemy’s diversity is few, it is likely Games this would be very tedious in terms of combat mechanics.

Interestingly on this side of the battle player is treated Cutscene Special. If we manage to hurt the enemy up to a point, we can execute End attack with an unmistakable dramatic look Action games contemporary.

Another one, even if it sounds like it Biwar how Action games normal, in fact it is not so. Biwar brings a number of horror elements with it. There was also in this pre-alpha version Jumpscare what surprised me.

Chances are that these horror elements will continue to show up throughout the game, although there are some parts of the story that don’t use horror elements. The decision to include a bunch of horror elements is a wise thing to do to keep the tension going, in my opinion player throughout the game.

Visuals and sound Extraordinary

For a Games made by an indie studio with few people, visuals by Biwar: Legend of Dragon Slayer can keep up Games contemporary. I don’t know about the base engine What Games that is done, but it seems from Unreal Engine. Devata Game has been shown to be able to leverage size engine which they use well.

The lighting looks dramatic and the characters they create look pretty realistic too. In fact, some effects like flames cannot match the quality of A plague tale of innocence which is so amazing that the visualizations created build on it Unreal Engine.

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But at least Biwar can come close to the quality Games High-end indie even Games AAA mostly. In addition to the good optical side, Games it has quality sound the good. The horror atmosphere built up is really a blessing sound that exists.

Likewise, when we cross areas that do not seem terrible, sound will adapt. Above sound, Devata Game did it well and nothing during the game failure Sound is also what we found.

Have some drawbacks

Naturally Biwar The pre-alpha version has various shortcomings and needs to be fixed by the developer. defect First, The movement when jumping still feels very stiff. It takes a few more polishes before we get a crack that feels realistic.

Then that second, I still see a lot failure where characters can penetrate various solid objects such as trees and rocks. Also, when I hover over my legs, the main character’s legs sometimes sink to the ground.

That may seem trivial, but of course the seriousness is the developer will be seen in the little details like this one. The more quality one has in trivial things, the more recognized details are included Games.

Third, Torch use in Games this is too complicated and seems useful for extending Style of play. The reason for this is that if we want to burn things we have to find a torch, light a fire, and burn the item until it is empty.

When the burning is over, the torch will automatically disappear. When he saw the thing burning in front of him player forced to look for torches and fire again. About that one thing, Devata Game may be able to emulate Style of play from Tomb Raider restart where the torch and fire can be used again immediately after being switched off.

In addition, in dig Raider, the flashlight won’t go away if it’s not exposed to water or if we accidentally turn it off. This turned out to be easier and more perfect than the action part. In terms of game reality is the mechanics Grave robbers also more realistic.

Because it would be annoying for us to spend a few minutes exploring only to find a flashlight that the main character should keep and reuse right away.

defect fourth The reference to the mission is not explained, so it confuses us. It’s good that Devata Game has some Note so people don’t get confused later. However, this is not the final version, in the future it will have to be seen whether or not they contain instructions regarding the mission.


Until now, Biwar: Legend of Dragon Slayer is Indie games very promising from Indonesia. It must be admitted that improvements are needed to Games this completely polished, worthwhile to market and worthwhile to sell.

The topics that are brought are also interesting and are usually different from Games Indonesia mainly takes up the topic of horror. Biwar: Legend of Dragon Slayer just take the subject plot although there are elements and impressions of horror.

So cheers for Devata Game Biwar is Games promising and worth the wait version final-his!

Would you like to try the demo? Just come here

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