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5 PS 1 Games That Make the Sticks Damage Fast


5 PS 1 Games That Make the Sticks Damage Fast

GridGames.ID – For those of you who have enjoyed playing PlayStation 1, maybe you have met the term “stick destroyer game”.

Games with this nickname are known to cause the stick to break quickly because the players are required to press the stick buttons repeatedly and quickly, which results in the PS button often not functioning.

From Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout to Bishi Bashi Special, here are 5 game titles that are famous for making PS sticks break quickly. Have you ever played?

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1. Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout

It’s no secret that Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout is a game that makes PS sticks break quickly. To defeat the enemy you are fighting, you can use combos of special moves that each character has.

Well, to issue this special move, you have to press quite a lot of button combinations and it’s fast enough.

But sometimes players who don’t know the combo, often press all the buttons at random. This is what makes the stick quickly damaged.

2. Bishi Bashi Special


Bishi Bаshi Special is one of the favorite games on the PS1 console. This game contains many mini-games that are fun, funny, and fun to play with friends.

Now, the problem is, most of the mini-game options in Bishi Bashi Special, require the players to press the button quickly and repeatedly to beat the opponent and win the match.

Even though it breaks the PS stick quickly, you should at least try to play this game, friend! Exciting!

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3. Crush Gear Turbo

For those of you who have played Crush Gear Turbo, surely you will feel the heat of playing this game. One of the reasons why this game destroys PS sticks quickly is because the players have to fight each other strongly with each gear by spamming the button.

In addition, you also have to spam other buttons to issue special moves and defend against enemy attacks.

4. Tekken 3

Playing Tekken 3 is actually easy and difficult. Similar to Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, to defeat the enemy you are fighting, you can use special combos for each character that can be seen in the menu.

However, for those who are lazy to do combos, usually they will spam the buttons on the PS stick randomly. Well, this is what usually makes PS sticks break quickly.

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5. Fisherman’s bait

Fishing activities in this game can turn into emotional fishing because you often have to press the button on the stick to pull the fishing line out of the water.

Not to mention if you get a fish, the player must continue to press the button quickly while paying attention to the tension of the strings. If it’s too loose it can come off, and if it’s too tight it can break, especially if the fish is big!


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