LEC teams up with NEOM Saudi Arabia to burn European LoL Esports activists!

LEC teams up with NEOM Saudi Arabia to burn European LoL Esports activists! NEOM is a mega-project in Saudi Arabia and NEOM is a future city planned by Saudi Arabia in Tabook State, northwestern Saudi Arabia. We plan to incorporate smart city technology and utilize it as a tourist destination.

Recently, the Saudi Arabia Megaproject has collaborated with LEC on the 2022 Summer Split, one of League of Legends’ most popular leagues. A new model for sustainable living, work and prosperity in Saudi Arabia. It is a workplace for more than 1 million citizens around the world who want to participate in the construction of. “

“It includes small towns, ports, corporate zones, research centers, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist destinations, all designed to play a major role in global development and around the world. Will support the development of esports. “

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Hours after the announcement began, several European LoL e sports activists, including casters, analysts, and other popular figures, were immediately angry and disappointed.

“The league I’m in charge of now advertises a country that kills me just because it exists,” said James “Stress,” a former Riot Games employee and current MAD Lions community manager. O’Leary said on Twitter.

Quick shot, another LEC caster, simple male – – Tweet A link to an article interviewing an indigenous tribe in Saudi Arabia that states that the $ 500 billion megacity NEOM is built by their blood.

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What this anger has in common is that LEC is a comprehensive and diverse brand.The news of this collaboration with the Saudi Arabian government was also tweeted from LEC’s official Twitter account. Don’t forget to visit website Get the latest news about eSports and follow Facebook we!

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