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A week has passed since its release Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045 on the Netflix channel. How Mobidachi, how many of you have watched one of the entries Spring Anime 2022 the? What do you think about the latest entry in the series Stand Alone Complex this? If you like this anime and want to know more about it, a good news has come from their official twitter, which shares with you about the making of this anime series.

Video Behind the Scenes Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045

Reported directly through website and official twitter them, a behind-the-scenes video can be seen on their Youtube channel Netflix Japan. In the video, the two directors of this anime series, Kamiyama Kenji and Aramaki Shinji, tells directly about the process of making this anime starting from the purpose of making this anime to what benefits they get by using 3DCG as a medium.

Apart from behind-the-scenes processes such as voice recording, motion capture recording, and script conference, this video also includes the two directors Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045 share a little insight about the selected background story and explain a little more about the year setting 2045 and Sustainable War which is the focus of this series.


Telling the world that has experienced a global economic downturn, where all physical money becomes almost worthless and digital money freezes, many people turn to the mercenary profession due to government policies. American Empire issued 3 years earlier to make war an industry. This makes an era that many people refer to as Sustainable War.

However, the emergence of a group of cyber-humans with extraordinary abilities known as Post Human began to attract the attention of many parties and of course the American Empire represented by NSA, who wants them for the sake of Sustainable War. For that, get involved Major Motoko Kusanagi with his men at Section 9 to catch the Post Humans. How’s the full story? Just watch the 12 episodes on your favorite streaming channel. See you guys.

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