Leaked Weapons That Will Be Present at PUBG: New State, There are QBZ and QBU!

PUBG New State

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PUBG New State

GridGames.ID – PUBG: New State is one of the new games whose presence is highly anticipated.

Many gamers (gamers) around the world, including in Indonesia, look forward to the presence of this Battle Royale genre game.

Because it is highly anticipated, various rumors about PUBG: New State have been widely circulated in the public.

Recently, rumors about weapons that will be present in the PUBG New State game are known to be spread on the internet.

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As is known, PUBG: New State relies on weapons as the main combat tool in the game.

There are various kinds of weapons that players will be able to use later, just like in the PUBG PC and PUBG: New State games.

Krafton as the developer of PUBG: New State itself has not yet announced what weapons they will present.

But through a rumor that just circulated, the weapons that will be in PUBG: New State became known to the public.

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