Leaked Roster of the West Java PON Mobile Legends Team, Is there Udil and R7?

GridGames.ID – Esports has officially become an exhibition sport at the 2022 PON XX Papua.

There are three games that will be competed at the sporting event later.

One of the most highlighted is the MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang.

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Yep, the existence of Mobile Legends in Indonesia is certainly no longer in question.

Mobile Legends can be said to have become one of the most popular games in recent years.

After being inaugurated, the question arises “who are the pro players who will play in PON XX Papua 2022?”

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Well, recently this question has been indirectly answered by the Alter Ego roster, Udil Surbakti.

In a live streaming broadcast session on his Nimo TV, Udil leaked the roster composition that is suspected to be one of the Mobile Legends teams at PON XX Papua 2022.


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