Leaked on the Internet, Here’s the AMD RDNA 3 Gaming GPU Release Date!

Illustration of AMD Radeon RDNA GPU

Illustration of AMD Radeon RDNA GPU

GridGames.ID – Recently, the virtual world was shocked by the presence of a leak from the release date of the latest gaming Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) from AMD, namely RDNA 3.

The leaked release date of AMD RDNA 3 was first circulated through the YouTube video streaming service.

More precisely, the YouTube channel of the famous leaker, Moore’s Law Is Dead, was the first to share this leak.

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The YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead itself is known to often provide leaks of information related to computer or laptop hardware components.

In fact, the video content on his YouTube channel is also always awaited by many people who are curious about the leaked information.

In mid-March, this YouTube channel’s video content which discussed leaked information about AMD’s latest APU, namely Van Gogh, also caused a stir in the virtual world.

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Now, after almost two months have passed, Moore’s Law Is Dead is again making a fuss through its latest video content which contains leaked AMD RDNA 3 release dates.

Then, when is the release date of AMD RDNA 3 according to the leak of Moore’s Law Is Dead?


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