Leaked on the Internet, Here’s an Overview of Metal Slug Mobile’s Gameplay!

GridGames.ID – Recently, the virtual world was shocked by the presence of leaked gameplay from the latest game Metal Slug Mobile.

The leak of the legendary game’s gameplay was first leaked and circulated through the video streaming service platform YouTube.

More precisely, the official SNK Official YouTube channel was the first to share this leak.

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SNK Official itself is not an arbitrary figure behind the Metal Slug Mobile game.

They are the main developer or development company of several names in the Metal Slug game series.

In fact, SNK has been developing the Metal Slug game from 25 years ago, or rather since 1996.

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This time, together with TiMi Studios, SNK is known to be developing the Mobile version of the Metal Slug game.

Then, what does the gameplay of Metal Slug Mobile look like?


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