Leaked Gusion Legend Skin: Price, Skill Effect, & Release Date

GridGames.ID – Entering May 2022, Moonton is reportedly planning to release several new skins for Mobile Legends heroes.

One of the things that has recently become quite the talk of fans is the new skin Gusion.

Heroes with roles mage/assassin this will get its first legend skin in the game.

The news about this was very loud on social media.

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Cosmic Gleam is said to be the name of this Gusion skin legend.

One Instagram account leaked Mobile Legends named @informantmlbb has even revealed some facts regarding the Cosmic Gleam skin.

First, to get the legend skin, players must have at least 10,800 diamonds.

Alternatively, players can also get the Cosmic Gleam skin with 200 Magic Potion S.

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