Leaked Captain Boyah FF character skill, stronger than DJ Alok!

It is a skill outflow of Captain Buya FF that will come out at a later date!

After a lot of great collaborations Free fire Ready to cooperate again.

Free fire (FF) It has become one of the games that continues to be an interesting collaboration to attract people’s attention.

Free Fire is working with DJ Alok, Money Heist, Hrithik Roshan, B’lue O’Bell, etc.

After many new updates OB24 patch Yesterday, Galena soon announced a new collaboration with musicians, KSHMR.

Named a new character based on DJ KSHMR K / Captain Bouya, And here’s the leak:

Captain Bouya’s character skills

Captain Bouya’s personality is said to be a psychologist and a very clever Jiu-Jitsu expert.

Captain Bouya FF

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This allows Captain Bouya’s skill to consist of two modes, depending on the profession he has. Free fire..

Obtained by Captain Bouya Recover EP every second When you make this character, you will always have a lot of EPs.

Another skill of Captain Bouya Gives the closest ally a bonus increase in EP to HP conversion. This captain booya skill is related to the energy points of the game.

Therefore, you can see that the skill of this one character can be surely combined with the player who wants to clear the EP.

The modes offered are more or less as follows:

  • Jiu-jitsu mode: Gives closest companion a bonus increase in EP to HP conversion
  • Psychologist mode: Recover EP every second

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For those unfamiliar with the use of energy points in Free Fire, EP can slowly add blood and reduce damage from the first zone.

If you’re a typical person who doesn’t like collecting mushrooms and bone fire, this character is for you.

What do you think about the skills of the new FF characters later? Are you interested in buying it?

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