Leaked 6 Latest Hero Mobile Legends That Will Be Released in 2022

Mobile Legends game poster


Mobile Legends game poster

GridGames.ID – Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), is currently one of the most popular MOBA genre mobile games, especially for the Southeast Asia (SEA) region.

MLBB often creates events by presenting a variety of new content such as heroes, skins and other items.

Now, fans are teased by leaks about some of the heroes that will reportedly be released in 2022.

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The leak provides information that as many as six new heroes will reportedly be released this year.

Although it is not yet known who the newest heroes will be released, the leak also includes an overview of the latest heroes.

Here are 6 MLBB heroes that will reportedly be released for 2022:

1. Nathan “The Space-time Walker”

Nathan will be the 107th hero in MLBB

Nathan will be the 107th hero in MLBB

Nathan is the newest hero to be released in the near future.

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