Leakage of new Cobra FF skin bundle, color may change!

Leakage of new Cobra FF skin bundle, color may change!

Update OB26 May 2022 Freefire (FF) is a major update as this battle royale game introduces many new elements.

This latest update Project cobra, And did you know that the Cobra Skin Bundle will be told to come later!

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This article describes a bundle that has leaked Spin Esports.

About Cobra Skin

As reported by FF News, the Cobra skin bundle is part of the OB26 Free Fire update, which consists of five parts and is extremely rare. Therefore, this skin has been reported to be very valuable in the game.

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There are four versions of this latest bundle: Fury mode, Lightning mode, Storm mode, Poison mode.

The four versions of the Cobra Pack are unlocked according to their respective patents, and each version has a different color. Below is a skin leak!

Fury mode skin

Leaked cobra FF skin

Whitening mode

Cobra FF skin leak

Skin storm mode

Cobra FF skin leak

Poison mode skin

Cobra FF skin leak

According to a leak from FF News, it is not yet known when and how the Cobra bundle will be available.

However, this bundle may also be released at the same time as the event. Project cobra Galena showed me a teaser video.

Note that this information still remains in the form of leaks, so you will have to wait for confirmation from Garena itself to confirm the presence of the skin.

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