Leak Money Haste Free Fire Event Bundle! cooler!

I’m sure you kept the event waiting Free Fire x Money Heist Released a few weeks ago!

Finally, this event is about to end, and you can use the rising outfits right away!

Free Fire fans and fans of this Netflix series are guaranteed not to be disappointed.

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Free Fire x Money Heist Bun Bundle

The event is reported to be released soon. September 6, 2022, Will be done as soon as it is completed FFIM2020 Autumn registration.

The event will feature a number of bundles, weapon skins, pets and other prizes related to this Netflix series.

You can wear these costumes as a team and feel what it feels like to be a subordinate Professor By slaughtering his enemies.

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Bundle Money Heist
Source: Booyah.co.id

This long-awaited bundle includes a red costume with the characteristic mask of the Money Haste series.

On Free Fire, the Money Heist costume looks cool with a hoodie attached and a gold necklace around the neck.

This costume actually features a gangster robber from a famous gangster.

As mentioned earlier, there are many other prizes you can win at this event.

Pet Free Fire x Money Robbery

You might think that the skins for this event aren’t that good or bad.

Know the event skin Money Heist This is the next result collaboration This skin is a dedicated skin between Garena and Netflix.

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If you don’t get it now, maybe in the future you won’t be able to get it again.

Glow Wall Money Heist
Source: Youtube Arshal rahmat

Now we have to wait for this bundle and event to be released. September 6, 2022 later.

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