League of Legends: K / DA is back with the latest song!

For game lovers League of Legends (LOL) Of course, this one girl group on K / DA is not a stranger.

The group, which includes four LOL characters, is booming when the first song is released Pop star November 2022.

To welcome the new The Worlds tournament, K / DA has released a second song. It’s very bad.

League of Legends (LOL) is certainly famous Music video Welcome the biggest LOL international tournament every year world..

This time, K / DA League of Legends finally makes a comeback with songs Very bad Released in August 27, 2022..

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K / DA Girl Band

For those of you who want to know the true picture of K / DA, this is a virtual girls group of 4 women lol, Ari, Akari, Evelyn, And Kaisa..

This girls band group exploded with this song in 2022. Pop star Seen above 360 million time.

From the music video just released yesterday Very bad Earn more 4 million It will be displayed in just a few hours.

The fictional character may not have changed, but Riot Change Voice actor of new song Very bad..

Madison Beer (Evelyn) And Jaira Burns (Kaisa) On behalf of the singer and X-Factor contestants Bea Miller, And WolfitaA songwriter who became famous for Vine’s videos.

Akari and Ari continue to be filled with members of the Korean girls group (G)-Idol,When So-yeon And Mi-yeon As a voice actor.

Riot will reportedly collaborate with a more famous singer again, which will make K / DA better at a later show.

In the history of songwriting, K / DA is not one of the virtual groups created by Riot. In 2014, a band called Pentakills.

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To all the fans K / DA League of LegendsWe also guarantee that K-Pop lovers will be interested in listening to this song.

The reason is that Riot has a well-known game theme, so you’ll never be disappointed in making a music video. League of Legends, Music is also good.

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