LDKY Magic Chess Combo, here’s the hero and the synergy

Combo LDKY Magic Chess

LDKY Magic Chess Combo Meaning – Season 2 of Magic Chess Bang Bang presents many new META. And one of the new METAs popular in Season 2 is the use of the LDKY combo. This combo is famous for being messy as it has a CC effect and a heavy damage area.

Then what is the LDKY Magic Chess combination? The LDKY combo name itself was popularized by players who had the LDKY nickname in a tournament. This META uses a synergy combination of 4 Elementalists, 3 NV and 3WM, with Luo Yi’s hero being the mainstay of this combination.

LDKY Combo: 4 Elementalists + 3 Northern Valley + 3 Armourers

Here are the main synergies and heroes used in the LDKY Magic Chess combo.

4 Elementalists

Raises 1 star on the 2 heroes with the lowest stars.

  • Aurora – Elementalist, Northern Vale
  • Luo Yi – Elementalist, Dragon altar
  • Vale – Elementalist, Western desert
  • Valir – Elementalist, Western desert

Getting all of these heroes will also activate the Western Desert Synergy. Whereby 2 westerns have the effect of avoiding normal attacks by 16% and then returning 4 mana.

3 Northern Valley

When the battle begins, all of Northern Vale’s heroes will be at full mana. So that the following NV heroes can use the ultimate right at the beginning of the match.

  • Aurora – Northern valley, Elementalist
  • Franco – Northern valley, Gunsmith
  • Freya – Northern valley – Gunsmith

Aurora, Franco and Freya are mandatory heroes for those of you who want to use the LDKY Magic Chess combo.

3 weapon masters

Deals 25% HP of damage done.

  • Franco – gunsmith, Northern valley
  • Freya – gunsmith, Northern Vale
  • Thamuz – gunsmith, Abyss | Argus – gunsmith, Abyss

So that’s the explanation of the LDKY Magic Chess Combo with a total of 7 heroes as the main tandem. After all combos are active, you can add more synergies to 2 Abyss, 3 Dragon Altars and even 6 WM. Okay, that’s it for this short article and I hope it’s useful.

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