Latest Update Mobile Legends Advanced Server Presents Hero ‘Khufra’

GridGames.ID – At the end of the Western Desert, an ancient city hidden among the sands, there is a famous ruler named Khufra.

Khufra is a tank hero with a Crowd Control/Initiator specialty that comes along with the 1.3.42 update on Advanced Server Mobile Legends.

This tank hero is a greedy ruler, colder than ice, and greedy to an infinite extent.

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Uniquely, Khufra has hands like elastic springs and has a scary face like the Joker character.

By looking at Khufra’s appearance, you definitely won’t think that this hero is a tank role hero.

Khufra has a passive skill that can activate Spell Curse every 12 seconds to increase the range of the next Basic Attack.

Khufra Mobile Legends


Khufra Mobile Legends

This skill can give maximum Magic Damage and HP, and lower the enemy’s Movement Speed.

Every time Khufra uses a skill to cause Crowd Control to the enemy, his Spell Curse cooldown will decrease.

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His ultimate is also very magical, because it can pull all the enemies around it to the front, then give Physical Damage and reduce the enemy’s Movement Speed.

Wow, if you look at his skills, Khufra is arguably the dominant tank hero making the enemy slow down or slow.

Very suitable for being a tank initiator hero who accompanies marksman, fighter or assassin who has great damage to make it easy to kill enemies.


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