Latest Prices for Serena Zodiac Skins-June 2022

Latest Selena Zodiac Skin Prices – June 2022! As we knew earlier, Mobile Legends now features the Serena Zodiac Gemini Shadow Skin, which is only available at Zodiac events.

It will be held from the end of May 2022 and will end on June 22, 2022, but of course, this skin, which lasts only about a week, will continue to be available.

So how much does it cost to get this Zodiac skin?Based on the personal experience of the author who bought this skin at the Zodiac event, the money spent buying diamonds was around Rp500-800 thousand. 2000 diamonds..

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But this too depends on the luck of each player who can get this skin with only 1000 diamonds.

For those unfamiliar with Serena’s hero, Serena’s hero is one of the magician / assassin type heroes in mobile legend games and has a very high burst damage rate from start to finish of the game. I am.

Even this hero has been so sadistic since the start of the new game that players call him the “First Blood” queen. Therefore, this Zodiac skin aims to make Serena even more sadistic during the game.

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