Latest PMCO PUBG Mobile Event, Get Lots of Prizes

PUBG Mobile PMCO Events

PUBG Mobile PMCO Events – One of the most interesting things about games with the genre or type of battle royale is that there are many events in which there are many prizes. This is certainly very interesting and makes gamers who love battle royale feel at home and choose to be loyal to continue playing games like PUBG Mobile.

Although it must be admitted, the events held by PUBG are still less intense than the Free Fire game events, but as players we must remain grateful. Because Moonton wants to try to provide events so that we can enjoy the existing facilities. Never be disappointed and feel ungrateful.

The advantage of the event held by PUBG Mobile is that it has many attractive prizes. For example, recently PUGB held a PMCO event. The existence or presence of this event is motivated by the PMCO Global Final. The flow of the game or the mission of this event is where you have the task of voting for your favorite PMCO players and casters from Indonesia. Read WeGame For PUBG Mobile Free

Actually, this event is already familiar, because the previous year’s PMCO Global Final also presented a similar event, although there were indeed some updates. The most important thing for you is more about how to get the prize than knowing the PMCO event. For that, let’s discuss how to get prizes from the PMCO event.

PMCO PUBG Event Terms and Conditions

Before you know what prizes you can get and how to participate in this event, it would be nice if you know what terms and conditions you must comply with so that you can participate in this event and get the prizes. For that now, please just read the following explanation regarding the terms and conditions

  • Make sure you have a PUBG Mobile account
  • Vote every 24 hours, starting from now
  • Vote will close at the appointed time
  • Please vote on the following site CLICK

Rewards or Prizes PUBG Mobile PMCO Events

After you know the terms and conditions above, now is the time for you to know what prizes you can get from this event. The prizes that are presented or distributed in this event are very many and can be said to be superior prizes where if you buy with UC then you need a large amount of UC. The following is a list of prizes that you can get. Read PUBG Mobile Lite No VPN For Androidd

  • PMCO Outfits
  • PMCO Parachute Skin
  • Skin Googles PMCO
  • PMCO Crate

How to Vote for the PUBG Mobile PMCO Event

If you already know the terms and conditions along with the prizes that you can get, then next you have to know how to participate in this event in order to get prizes. The trick is that you have to vote according to the following conditions

  1. The first step, please login to your respective PUBG Mobile account
  2. Then please enter the link that we shared above without closing the PUBG Mobile application that you opened earlier
  3. Next, please vote on one of the casters from Indonesia
  4. The next step, please vote on every existing BTR player
  5. Do this way until the specified time limit
  6. Done, hopefully you will get a prize as we have listed above

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The final word

That’s all we can share and share with you, by reading this article to the end, we hope you can get a prize. Make sure you understand the instructions that we have described above, this is very important so that you can get prizes from Events PMCO PUBG. That is all and thank you

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