Latest Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.95 August 25, 2022 Description!

Description of the latest Mobile Legends patch on August 25, 2022!Moonton today announced a fairly large patch update for Mobile Legends on the exact date. August 25, 2022..

For spinners who are missing out on the information contained in the August 25, 2022 patch, SPIN Esports has put together an important part of the spinner.

Patching Mobile Legends: Bang Bang August 25, 2022

Ballat's Mobile Legends
Via photo: YouTube OzaRess

Existence of a new hero, Barat the Dyno Rider

The new hero, Barats the Dino Rider, has finally arrived at the Land of Dawn. Barats has a passive skill called I am Big, which makes you a big dinosaur every time you get a stack.

Even more interesting is his ultimate skill, Detona’s Welcome. This allows Dino to eat the enemy and gain immunity to the crowd control effect. Barats cannot move in Ultimate, but can tell where the enemy will be sent.More about Baratz’s new hero tank Click here for Mobile Legends.

Hero Barats can also combo with multiple heroes. If your spinner is interested in deadly combos with Barats, you can check here.

This Barats hero has many features and is suitable for competitive play such as MPL ID Season 6. The question is, can Barats be used in MPL ID Season 6 and above? Check out this article for more information.

Nerv Hero

1. Uranus

Uranus Nerf His ability to survive burst damage.His second skill is the base damage that can be absorbed by the Energy Shield from 400-1000. 300-750..Ultimate also reduced, shield and HP recovery from 50% at all levels 30% -50%..

2. Atlas

Skill 2 Atlas Be nervous, When using Ultimate Fatal Link in eject mode, the stun time will no longer increase by 0.2 seconds, but will be added. 40% slow effect course.

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3. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong is one of the heroes overwhelmed by previous Mobile Legends Updates. Yu Zhong’s Passive Skill (Sha Residue) To the nerf From 1 second 2 secondsThis will increase Yu Zhong’s damage to enemies and his passive lifesteal.His Spell Vamp also starts at 20% Ten% And Ultimate, which deals basic damage to Black Dragon Mode, which was initially weakened in 200-360. 180-310..

4. Lee Sun-Omi

Powerful heroes in the early and middle stages that successive hypercore heroes are good at Nerf, Skill 1 reduces damage by 30% Deleted..

5. Phosphorus

Rin Mobile Legends, Rin Wallpaper
Photo courtesy of Mobile Legends

Experienced phosphorus Nerf The big one is Lynn’s passive, and if you hit crowd control while on the wall, it’s autumn Experience off the wall 30% slower 2 seconds.Movement speed bonus from Ultimate is also reduced from 30% Ten%..

6. Ghatotkacha

Many players are surprised because Gatotkaca’s passive skills can be very large.Therefore, Moonton reduces the damage caused by the enhanced basic attack (passive skill) at the end of the game, and skill 1 starts from 40% due to the slow effect. 30%..

7. Hell cart

Attack speed increased from 1.0875 1.1675 Looks like a little buff.But Nerf Is passive, now you hit silence When Helcurt is enabled Crowd control From your hero. Earlier, when I approached Herkart, I was silent. Wow, user Fanny doesn’t have to worry anymore when he meets Hellcart!But this may be bad news for hero mages and tanks who have a lot of crowd control skills against Hellcart.

8. Luo Yi

Luo Yi is a support mage hero and is often banned early in the game due to very high damage skills and awkward crowd control skills.As Luo Yi is struck Nerf This is pretty big for this patch.

Skill 1 base damage reduced from 250 – 450 to 450 230-430..Damage from skill 2 also starts from 250-350 200-280..Reduced distance and damage from passive yin and yang abyss Ten%..

If you look closely at the nerfed heroes, there are three of the most nervous heroes. What hero? You can see it here.

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Hero buff

1. Esmeralda

Currently a popular hero MPL S6 Got instead Buff..Skill 1 strengthens the shield, which was originally 350-700 400-750..

2. Popol and Kupa

Popol and Kupa are typically used as support in the current meta. Moonton seems to want to use Popol more often. core More damage later in the game, than support with a shorter duration of crowd control skills.

Skill 1 Additional physical attack on from Popole Buff From 60% 75%, 240-300 basic damage to nerf 200-290..There is also a buff from 30% -50% from the bonus attack speed generated by Popol’s ultimate skill 30% -70%..

for Nerf In skill 3, traps no longer give 35% throws, 20%.. Also, Kupa Wolf has a weakened HP attribute from 700 + 120% to 700 + 120%, so it can be easily defeated later in the game. 1300 + 80% From HP Popol.

3. Carina

Karina Buff This is quite a lot.Carina’s passive starts from 10% 13% Additional true damage from enemy HP and ultimate cooldown from 36/30/24 28/24/20..

4. Natalia

Natalia got Buff For early games. 270 + 80% total physical ATK damage enhancement Passive activation from basic attack 350 + 90% Total physical ATK.However, the critical damage starts from 200% 140%..

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5. Veil

Photo courtesy of Mobiel Legends

Vale again Buff This is pretty good. Vale will soon be in Meta Hero Mage Support with MPL S6. Skill 1 mana usage 75-100 ~ 60-85..Base damage from 230-430 250-450 When you select the damage range, the cooldown starts from 8.5 to 6 seconds. Five The second..

If you select the stop effect (stop on hit) at the time of hit with skill 2, the basic damage of the whirlwind will be 60 to 160 consecutively. 90-215..If you choose an aerial effect, the aerial duration starts at 1.2 1.1 seconds..

6. Kaja

Skill 1 base damage has been increased from 120-270 to 135-285.

7. Kimmy

Hero Kimmy Buff Towards the end!The total physical ATK, which was originally 35%, 30-41% Depending on the level.

8. Martis

Skill 1 cooldown reduced to 10-7 8-6 seconds..

9. Terizura

Ultimate cooldown from 48-42 48-36 second.Increases slowdown in movement speed Ten% At all levels.

10. Claude

Skill 1 bonus attack speed and movement speed increased by 2% to 4.5% 2.5% -5%..

11. Ordas

Friend Aldous got a decent buff early in the game.Basic damage of enhanced basic attack Skill 1 from 100-300 130-330..Damage per Stack Soul Steel also starts from 8 7..

12. Alpha

Ultimate Alpha deals additional physical attack from beta damage 360%, Increased from 280%.

13. Minsitter

Basic damage skill 2 300-450 And set the cooldown to 8-> 6 seconds..Manna usage reduced from 60-110 50-75..

14. Harris

Passively shortening the duration of the crowd control effect he received is Indefinite By the number of nearby enemy heroes. The more heroes your opponent has, the greater the reduction.

15. Ruby

Ruby get Buff Makes the hero easier to use.Mana playback from 2.8 5.8 Cooldown skill 1 from 6-4 4 seconds Make Ruby easy at all levels spam skill In the lane.Next, the area of ​​skill 2 will increase as well. Ten% Because it will be easier to hit.

For passive skills, the defense bonus from 23 to 40 is slightly weakened. 12-45 And physical life steal from 125%-> 115%..

Not only that, there are a few more changes, such as AFK correction changes and some item changes.

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