Latest leaked PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0: Costumes, Gifts, ETC

The latest leaked PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0: clothes etc. PUBG Mobile is always at the forefront of introducing new features with regular updates. In the coming weeks, the game will get the official version 0.19.0 update for global servers. The update contains many new features and rewards.

Latest update leak for PUBG MOBILE 0.19.0

1. New avatar frame:

Photo courtesy of Mad Tamizha YT

With this PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update, players will get a variety of new and interesting avatar frames for in-game characters. Some of these frames will be available with the Royale Pass Season 14 Elite upgrade. In Season 14, players may get new frames from various in-game events.

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2. Season 14 Costumes:

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Photo courtesy of Mad Tamizha YT

This big 0.19.0 update introduces many new clothes to the game.Season 14 Royal Pass is theme based Egypt Or Egyptian theme. Players will probably see a lot of costumes related to the King and Queen themes.

3. Clan rewards:

Photo courtesy of Mad Tamizha YT

Many new clan prizes will also be available from PUBG Mobile in update 0.19.0. Players can now upgrade their clan to level 10 to unlock various in-game items such as room cards. Future updates will allow players to purchase cool avatars and scribbles from the Clan Shop.

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4. New DIY Weapon:

Via photo: Mad Tamizha YT

The 0.19.0 update also adds DIY options (DIY) to Vector and DP-28. Players can create custom weapons to their liking. You can add custom stickers and paint your gun with the colors available in the Guncraft section. This helps players customize their weapons to their liking.

So spinners can’t wait for this big update for PUBG Mobile!

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