Latest Hero Counter Helcurt Mobile Legends (ML) 2022

Here are some of the latest Helcult Mobile Legends (ML) 2022 hero counters.

One of Mobile Legends’ assassination heroes, Helcurt, is a hero who is heavily contested by players for use in the current Meta Season 18.

It’s not without reason for players to use this hero. Helcurt is very useful because it can provide very high burst damage and long silence effect.

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Hero Counter Hellcart Mobile Legends

But don’t get me wrong. Hellcart’s terrifying ability doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a hero counter.

SPIN Esports provides a list of the latest Helcurt Mobile Legends 2022 hero counters you can try at home.


The first hero is the hero of all counter assassins, and Nana can neutralize the assassin hero with Special Skill 2 and immediately kill it.

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Then, in the basic attack of Helkart, the hero’s counter hero, Hiros, approached in this way and was able to absorb blood from Helkart itself and kill her.


Eudora also includes a Helkult counter, thanks to two Helkult skills and an Ultimate skill that can provide high burst damage that can kill Helkult instantly.

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Hero Counter Hell Cart Mobile Legends


Second, thanks to Martis’ skills, you can provide crowd control effects to Martis’ enemies. This is extremely deadly for heroes like Helcurt who have to approach him and attack their enemies.


The last one is Kaja. This one hero can neutralize an assassin hero like Herkart with his ultimate crowd control effect.

This is a list of Helcurt Mobile Legends hero counters you can try at home.

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