Latest Free Fire Update 2022: Patch OB24 !!

The latest free Fire Update 2022 for patch OB24!

Finally Free Fire (FF) announces a leak OB24 patch newest version. It will be replaced later with patch OB23.

There’s a lot of talk about new patches that are still rumored to be released in September 2022.

The OB23 patch, released on July 29, 2022, has been running for about two months and it’s time to provide FF players with information about the new patch.

Many updates have been published in previous patches, Luceta’s character, Mr. Wagah’s pet, August weapon,And other interesting events.

Next update Updated OB24 What are the leaks that came up, what we discuss in this article? Release date..

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Free Fire Patch OB24 update!

The latest Free Fire update is reportedly scheduled for October September 30, 2022 later.

As always, before the game is updated, the server will perform maintenance to enter new update data.

You can try all the new features that come out Free Fire Advanced Server of course.

New Character-Jay

Jai Free Fire

In the last article, I introduced you to this new character leak.

Following DJ Alok, Jota, and Luqueta, Jai is the fourth character based on a real character.

This character is inspired by Hrithik Roshan An Indian artist and Bollywood film actor.

I’m sure you are interested in this new character, right? Wait for him in the next patch, everyone!

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Bermuda 2.0

New FF Bermuda 2.0 location

Well, if you check the FF information every day, you will be familiar with this one map.

This map is rumored to be published in the OB23 patch, but in reality Galena is more interested in the event Free Fire x Money Heist the first.

There are many ads about this Bermuda remastered map, which makes us even more interesting.

You also need to know that this map will only be released in mode Collision squad course.

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How about The Spinners? Stay tuned for this latest update. September 30, 2022 Okay.

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