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Livery BUSSID SHD PO HR – We should be proud of game developers or developers from Indonesia who are involved in pampering game lovers in the country. So far, many Indonesian gamers prefer to play games created or made abroad. However, after the Bus Simulator Indonesia game or familiarly called Bussid. Now many local gamers are playing games made by the nation’s children

This Bussid game is quite unique, with many types or names of buses in Indonesia by serving various routes in all cities in Indonesia, then this game was created to introduce the names of buses that often roam the streets of Indonesia. In addition, the atmosphere of the streets contained in the plot of the game also describes the atmosphere of the streets of Indonesia. If you’ve ever tried playing this game, you can definitely feel it

We can see this atmosphere along the way when we use one of the existing Bus characters. For example, there are pecel catfish traders beside the road, there is a Pertamina gas station, there is an atmosphere of plantations and rice fields, and there are still many atmospheres that describe roads in Indonesia, both Pantura roads and toll roads. This is certainly very interesting for all circles

Well, on this occasion we will not share the download link about the Bussid game, because in the previous discussion we have shared it. For that, on this occasion we will only share Livery Bussid SHD Po Hr. Surely this is what you’ve been looking for and what you’ve been waiting for. Now please download it by continuing to listen to the review of this article further

Getting to know Bussid SHD PO Haryanto

As we all know, PO Haryanto is a company that provides inter-city transportation services between provinces. Haryanto’s name was taken from the name of the elector of the transportation service company. So far, PO Haryanto is one of the public transportation service companies that has a large fleet of buses. If you live on the island of Java or often travel to the island of Java by bus, surely you are no stranger to this bus

Moreover, Haryanto Bus is a bus company that serves a lot of routes to cities in the Java island region, although there are also those that serve to several nearby islands on the island of Java such as Bali, NTB, and Sumatra. Well, now back to the topic of discussion regarding Livery Bussid PO Haryanto SHD. Of course you can’t wait to download it so you can get it soon

Download Livery Bussid SHD PO Haryanto

The Bussid Livery that we share has clear quality, besides being clear, it also has a pretty cool design. There are several types that we collect from several creators. We have prepared it for you, your task is to press the download button on the link that we have prepared below.


The files that we share are packaged in rar format, for that if your device does not support the rar system, please download the application first that you can use or have the function to open rar format files. Or you can open it via a PC and then you extract it so you can open the Livery Bussid SHD Haryanto that we share

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The final word

That’s all we can share with you about Livery BUSSID SHD PO HR. Please take advantage of the livery that we shared above as appropriate. That’s all and thank you, look forward to the latest updates.

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