Latest 2022 Mobile Legends (ML) Season 18 Skin Leak

Latest 2022 Mobile Legends (ML) Season 18 Skin Leak

Photo by ig abyysal mlbb

This is the latest 2022 Mobile Legends (ML) Season 18 skin leak for this one hero.

After a long time, Mobile Legends (ML) Leakskin Season 18 has finally arrived. At Leak, Rafaela’s hero is said to get this season’s skins.

Of course, this is very disappointing for many players. Because, according to them, Moonton always gives unpopular heroes season skins.

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In reality, seasonal skin will be used someday, but they want to use it for their future skin.

The appearance of the Rafaela hero in the leaked Season 18 Mobile Legends skin can be seen in the photo below.

Skin season 18ml
Photos via ig abyy salmlbb

The skin above is called Star Chaser and this season’s skin is subject to change by Moonton without prior notice.

Second, the Skin First Purchase S19 is available at Zilong, Loyal Spear for 50 diamonds.

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Skin season 18ml

Apart from that, the Season 18 Mobile Legends reset itself will happen about a month from now.

After that, all ranks of Mobile Legends players will be reset according to the applicable conditions.

Still, Moonton appreciates his efforts to make the rank as high as possible. Prizes such as battle points and free skin tickets at the end of the season will be offered free of charge, especially to those who have a master. Rank or higher.

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