Laplace M Zodiac Boss Strategy Guide, For 6-star bosses and above

Strategy Against Zodiac Boss

In the Laplace M game, there is a Zodiac Boss feature which is quite challenging. Certainly not a Boss if you can beat him easily. There are 10 zodiac bosses that you can defeat, the more stars the more difficult the boss. You must join the group first before fighting it. So, so that you don’t get confused, here is a guide against the zodiac boss that the mobileague team has summarized for you

Each Zodiac boss has 3 periods or 3 phases, where in each phase you have to apply different tactics. For Boss 1 to 5, we assume that mobileague friends can definitely beat him. For bosses 6 to 10, we will discuss below. Just take a look at the guide below

Strategy Against Zodiac Boss
Strategy Against Zodiac Boss

6th Zodiac Boss

  • first phase there will be a circle in each player, when that happens, we have to spread out individually. Avoid the circle of other players until there is ice out, then it will deal quite a lot of damage.
    • For large dodge jobs, for example job assassins, you can breathe a little easier because the ice damage may not hit you.
  • Second phase There will be a clone boss that will attack you, you just have to dodge it.
  • Third phase happens when the boss’s blood is 40%, then the boss starts to center and summons 3 ice, left and right and where we spawn to damage the back.
    • We must destroy the 3 ice to get a shield in the middle that can be used to protect against instant death skills.
    • There will be instructions later pray and later we will be given a shield so we can avoid the AoE damage which will 100% die if hit.

7th Zodiac Boss

  • first phase Boss can summon a red circle that you must avoid
    • Don’t get hit because you will become a granny and can’t attack at all.
  • Second phase a notification will start to appear / the boss is talking, so if that notification appears, we have to be grandmothers to avoid the meteor that the boss will appear
    • The only way is to enter the red circle, because the damage is painful, you can die if hit by a meteor
  • Third phase The boss will spawn 6 hearts, you wajob to finish all the hearts so the boss can’t heal.
    • If out of all the Hearts there are still left, the boss’s blood will increase again,
    • Every 1 heart heal 5% of the boss’s blood if you don’t kill it

Zodiac Boss 8 full of bombs

  • first phase (Bomb) A red arrow will appear above the head of one of the members, the affected member takes his char to a corner or away from the party. Later, a purple round bomb will drop. If you don’t take it away, congratulations, you’re a suicide bomber.
  • Second phase (Ring) After that, there is 1 member who has a purple head on the top, around which there is a red area in the form of a ring. For those who are affected, stay in the middle of the party. Everyone must gather near these members, because the middle area is safe.
  • Third phase (Sword) Later the boss will summon 4 swords. Kill as much as possible. The more swords left = the damage received when the boss stuns, the more it hurts. Usually just change to avoid thin HP (health bar).
  • Fourth phase Next will repeat the first mechanism but double. Like point 1 + point 2. Here it can be different for each party.
    • FourthA phase If the def is thick, the blood is thick and the heal is covered, there is no need to separate when you get Ring & Bomb.
    • Stay until the ring is gone and the bomb drops and everyone escapes from the bomb.
    • FourthB phase If you can’t separate the ring and the bomb. 1 person runs up to the top right corner, 1 other person takes it to the bottom left corner (or 1 to the bottom right, 1 to the top left) away anyway.
    • The party that didn’t get hit by the ring that didn’t get hit by the bomb. thanks to Lyrn

9th Zodiac Boss

Party Groups are required to be full members, it is recommended to bring support just in case, but Full DPS is also possible, especially those with disablers (stun and freeze).

  • first phase Immediately attack full DPS until the boss’s blood is reduced.
    • After the boss’s blood is reduced by about one and a half boxes, the boss will call the zodiac shield which makes our DPS attack go down.
  • Second phase after the Boss has a shield, on one side of the boss map area, a spider will appear,
    • The DPS team just stay focused on the boss, let the spiders approach us near the boss
    • Then attack the boss and the spider, after the spider dies, it will explode and stun the boss
    • After that the shield is gone, after that full dps again.
  • Third phase The boss will be silent for a while gathering fire energy, then he will attack with a very painful AoE attack
    • Here the priest has to take control, either to heal/immortal or it can also give the boss a distance from other players for a moment

Zodiac Boss 10

Party Groups are required to be full members, it is recommended to bring support just in case, but Full DPS is also possible, especially those with disablers (stun and freeze)

  • first phase Must be full dps + and avoid the poison as much as possible
    • Note: Every one and a half HP bar boxes, the Boss will issue an army of bats.
  • Second phase when the boss takes out the bat, make sure the stun/freeze skill is ready
    • There is a distance when the bat is close to the boss can be stunned
    • When Boss is stunned, immediately full dps +
    • Make sure the stun alternates, and don’t get too close to the boss.
  • Third phase When the bat manages to return to its boss, an enemy like tuyul will appear about 5 tuyul with pretty sick damage,
    • Note: Stay focused on giving dps attacks to the boss,
    • If the dps is good, this third phase won’t exist, so just repeat phase 1 and 2 only.

Credit thanks to KS」Sylviera di Kaskus

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