Kuy, Meet Khage, the Latest Knight Role Tank in Lokapala

Khage, the new Tank Knight in Lokapala

Khage, the new Tank Knight in Lokapala

GridGames.ID – The number of tank knights in Lokapala has just increased, guys.

The reason is, this MOBA mobile game made by Anantarupa Studio has officially released a new ksatriya Tank named Khage.

One of the advantages of Khage is being able to destroy 3 worlds at once with his wings.

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The figure of the Khage is depicted with the character of a legendary bird or mythological bird from Indonesia, namely the Garuda bird.

This knight was also willing to steal Amrta from the Agungs to be able to save his mother from the Seshas.

Khage, the Knight of the King of All Paksi was released on June 15, 2022.

Khage Lokapala

Khage Lokapala

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Well, this time GridGames wants to tell you the background to the skills of Khage.

Kuy, just read the full explanation on the next page, okay!


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