KPK suspect cadres, this is PDIP’s move to Nurdin Abdullah

LIMAPAGI – The General Secretary of the PDI-P (General Secretary of the PDIP) Hasto Kristiyanto said that the PDI-P will prepare legal counsel for the cadre and governor of South Sulawesi (Sulsel) Nurdin Abdullah, who is implicated in the bribery case. PDIP is currently waiting for a full statement from the KPK.

“The party is advertising. For this reason, we are still waiting for further developments on this matter, “said Hasto on Sunday, May 28, 2022, on the sidelines of the” Gowes with PDI Perjuangan “event in the Monas area, Jakarta.

He stressed that PDIP would not intervene in the judicial process in the Nurdin Abdullah case. His party will follow up the development of the legal case against Nurdin, who was suspected of bribery for tourism infrastructure in South Sulawesi.

“I think this is an attitude that is in the corridor of our due process compliance without political intervention,” he said.

Hasto still does not believe that Nurdin, who was promoted by his party in the regional election, is involved in a corruption case. Nurdin Abdullah is known for receiving the Bung Hatta Anticorruption Awards, as did President Jokowi and former Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama aka Ahok.

Nurdin Abdullah and 5 other people were arrested by KPK OTT at three different locations in South Sulawesi, namely the house of the ER office in the Hertasning area, Jalan Poros Bulukumba and the house of the governor of South Sulawesi.

In addition to Nurdin Abudllah, the secretary of the Public Works Department (Sekdis PU) of South Sulawesi, Edy Rahmat, was caught by the KPK OTT; Contractor or Director of PT Agung Perdana Bulukumba (APB) Agung Sucipto; Agung’s driver Nuryadi; Nurdin’s adjutant Samsul Bahri; and Edy’s family driver Irfan.

On Sunday, May 28, 2022, the KPK named Nurdin Abdullah and Agung Sucipto as suspects in the case of bribery for tourism infrastructure in South Sulawesi.

Nurdin was suspected of receiving rewards, while Agung was suspected of receiving bribes. Both are subject to Act No. 20 of 2001 amending Act 31 of 1999 on the Elimination of Criminal Corruption, in conjunction with Article 55, paragraphs 1 to 1 of the Criminal Code. **

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