Konami Decides to Delay the Release of the 2022 eFootball Update, Why?

The official eFootball game poster featuring Lionel Messi


The official eFootball game poster featuring Lionel Messi

Nextren.com – Some time ago, Konami officially released the new soccer game eFootball 2022 on game consoles and PC.

eFootball 2022 itself is a new game that will replace the old football game made by Konami.

Obviously, eFootball 2022 is a new version of Konami’s soccer game previously called Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

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After being launched, eFootball 2022 actually got a bad impression from the public because of a number of bugs that were considered quite disturbing to the game.

Even because of that, eFootball 2022 received a poor rating on the Steam platform and was labeled the worst football game of all time.

Konami as the developer of the eFootball game heard of these complaints and is rumored to be releasing the latest update on October 28, 2022.

But now, the update with serial number 0.9.1 which was planned to be released in a few days was officially postponed by Konami.

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Then, why did Konami delay the release of the eFootball 2022 update?


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