Kominfo Will Process Regent Mukomuko’s Online Game Block Request!

Illustration of child playing PC game


Illustration of child playing PC game

GridGames.ID – Recently, the people of Indonesia were shocked by the news of the act of blocking online games which according to information was being considered.

Later, only the government has the authority to decide whether online games are blocked or not.

More precisely, it is the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia (Kominfo RI) who has the right to make decisions regarding the act of blocking online games.

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Kominfo itself considered the act of blocking online games in Indonesia after previously receiving an official letter of request.

This official request letter was submitted by the Regent of Mukomuko, Bengkulu Province, named Sapuan.

Sapuan wrote this official letter because he felt that online games had disturbed the public, especially after the emergence of various phenomena of online game addiction among children and adolescents.

Therefore, Sapuan submitted a request to Kominfo to immediately block online games so that their negative impact can be immediately neutralized.

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Then, how will Kominfo respond to the request of Regent Mukmuko?


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