Kominfo will Block Games that Contain Violence! Hoax or Fact?

Game Hoaks Blocked by Kominfo

Game Hoaks Blocked by Kominfo

GridGames.ID – In the last few weeks there has been information about Kominfo which will block 10 games that contain violence.

However, it turns out that this is hoax information spread by irresponsible people.

Kominfo has also provided official information regarding this circulating hoax.

Through their official website at Kominfo.go.id, they said that indeed they fully protect the public from using interactive electronic game products.

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However, Kominfo did not block the 10 games that were rumored to be blocked.

MK47 Mutant, New Weapon in PUBG Mobile

MK47 Mutant, New Weapon in PUBG Mobile

According to Kominfo, there are already regulations governing this electronic interactive game.

Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Number 11 of 2022 concerning the Classification of Electronic Games, it divides the terms of use based on the content category and the user’s age group.

The age group division consisted of five groups.

1. Age group 3 (three) years or more

2. Age group 7 (seven) years or more

3. Age group 13 (thirteen) years or more

4. Age group of 18 (eighteen) years or more

5. Groups of all ages.

The content related to violence is only allowed for electronic games for the age category of 13 years and over with certain restrictions.

Antonio's new character Free Fire update

Garena Free Fire Indonesia

Antonio’s new character Free Fire update

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While under the age of 13 years is not allowed any action or acts of violence.

Well, so don’t worry for those of you who play games that are rumored to be blocked.

As long as the game follows the rules from Kominfo, it’s safe.

In addition, the Ministry of Communication and Information has confirmed that the information above is a hoax.

So do not immediately believe from information that is not clear source.


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