Know How To Delete All Messages On Facebook Messenger

How to Delete All Messages on FB Messenger, How to Delete Messages on Messenger, How to Delete Messages on FB Messenger — FB Messenger is indeed an instant messaging application that should be paired with WhatsApp. The reason is, it is precisely this FB Messenger application that can be used in no-quota mode. So when your quota runs out, FB messenger can still be used. Not only that, if you create a behind-the-scenes conversation on FB Messenger, you can do that too. But the problem is, if you want to delete all messages on FB Messenger it’s not as easy as you think.

How to Delete All Messages on FB Messenger Know How to Delete All Messages on Facebook Messenger
Deleting all inbox messages on the Facebook application turns you out to be taken to a separate application called the Messenger application. So Facebook Mobile App still doesn’t show any help to delete all messages in its inbox like emails. Well, but don’t worry if you’re looking for a way to delete messages on messenger because there are other alternatives that you can take. Below are two different ways to delete all messages on FB Messenger. Read also: Download the Latest FB Lite App for Nokia.

Here’s How to Easily Delete All Messages on FB Messenger

There are two distinct steps to deleting messages in Messenger. You can choose one of the fastest ways to delete fb messenger messages. Here is the explanation for you.

Delete All Messenger Messages Separately

The way to delete all messenger messages is to select and delete them one by one. This process of deleting all messages in Messenger will be a very tedious process because you have to delete fb messenger messages one by one. This method is very suitable if used to delete messages that are few in number and not right if your Messenger inbox is quite large.

But if you want to know how to delete messenger messages, it’s quite easy. Find the message you want to delete from messenger. Then, please press and hold for a while until a Delete or Delete Message appears. Press the pop up then the messenger message will be permanently deleted.

Delete All Fb Messenger Messages with Google Chrome Extension

Another way to delete all messages on facebook messenger is with the Google Chrome extension. The extension in question is Facebook-Delete All Messages. So this extension is to help you in deleting all messages on FB messenger. In other words, if you use this second method then you need a laptop/computer and Chrome browser to delete all messages on FB Messenger.

Facebook-Delete All Messages extension will help you in deleting all FB messenger messages in just few clicks. How to use this Chrome extension is the same as any other extension. Search from the Chrome Store. Download and Install by clicking on it. Wait for the installation process. Once installed, the extension will be in the top-right corner of your Chrome. Please click to run it. Don’t forget, FB Messenger must be open beforehand.

So, when your FB Messenger inbox opens. The extension will show you several options and instructions or code to delete all messages on FB Messenger. If you have determined which messages you want to delete then start deleting immediately. Remember, message abolition is permanent so there is no process to cancel it. Therefore, I highly recommend that you archive your important messages first.

That’s how the admin explains about how to delete all messages on FB Messenger. I hope you’re lucky. Don’t forget if this article is important to you, please share it with your friends. Thank you. Read also: Best Slideshow App For PC.

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