Kingdom Hearts 3 Fever, Disney Prepares Epic Quest Mobile Game

Disney Epic Quest

The splendor of Kingdom Hearts 3, which was just released in early May 2022, doesn’t seem to want to be missed by Disney. By bringing its franchise which is very well known to the general public, Disney Epic Quest is ready to present its flagship animated characters. Not only Mickey Mouse, but also captain Jack Sparrow to Baymax will enliven this Disney and Pixar game.

So when will this Disney game be released? what is certain is that until this news was published, the release date of the game has not been determined. But you can immediately pre-register to get a bonus when this game is released later. The registration link can be seen here

Disney Epic Quest

Famous Characters

There are 19 playable characters at the time of release, and of course will continue to grow as time goes on. Some of the characters that appear are from the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck series, Pirates of the Caribbean, Wreck it Ralph, The Incredible, to Big Hero 6.

Disney Epic Quest

Gameplay Offered

For the gameplay itself, you will play in an arcade style where the character will beat the enemy directly. Each character will have their own moves and abilities.

Disney Epic Quest

In each battle, you will bring 1 team consisting of 3 characters. Of the 3 characters that you have chosen, you can only use one of them, then you can switch with other team members.

This interesting game can also be played as a team online, each of which will bring 3 characters and start attacking the enemy simultaneously.

Disney Epic Quest

For more details, let’s take a look at the following video

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