King of Fighters Allstar – Fierce Battle Champion no 1

King of Fighters Allstar – Fierce Fight Invite you to be a champion

King of Fighters Allstar - Fierce Fight

for Mobileague friends who like the Fighting game genre, you must be very familiar with the name of this game. Yes, a legendary game that continues to carve our journey will soon be present on the mobile platform. The road to becoming a champion opens again in The King of Fighters tournament. Dozens of fighters from various regions are gathered by Geese Howard to help him dominate South Town. All of that will soon be available for you to play on King of Fighters Allstar – Fierce Fight

Unfortunately when all the fighters have arrived, a space rift sucks them into another world. In that world, the participants of The King of Fighters tournament met figures who should have become history. They meet fighters from the era of Samurai Shodown and The Last Blade.

Finally the fighters from different eras decided to work together to return to their respective worlds.

Main features

Classic Game with Original Voices, Characters and Skills:
You will get amazing memories from your childhood games and get new experiences and gameplay.

New Gameplay – New Experience:
Collect your favorite Fighter with more than 100 Fighters from King Of Fighter, Samurai Shodown & The Last Blade. To face fierce PK combined with your own strategy.

Extreme Combos with New Gameplay:
Do you still remember the KOF Allstar (The King Of Fighters Allstar) combo skill in your childhood? Now it’s more than just combos but requires your strategy too, each combo Skill will bring your squad character and effect to be different. Depending on each fight, you have to choose the right combo and turn defeat into victory.

Global Battle:
Join the Global Fight to become the best world Fighter. Various fighting modes available: 6 vs 6, 1 vs 1, … Your Fighters are your weapons, upgrade them to join the mighty fight.

Your strategy determines everything:
You are free to create the strongest Fighter Team. Your team is your choice to compete in the Arena as you use your Skills to become the greatest of all time!

Know King of Fighters Allstar further

The King of Fighters Allstar – Fierce Fighting is a card-battle strategy game for mobile, developed by SNK Corporation Japan. This game is published by VNG for the regions of Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The King of Fighters Allstar – Fierce Fight is based on the classic series The King of Fighters with additional bonus characters from the universes of The Last Blade and Samurai Shodown.

The King of Fighters Allstar – Fierce Battle will open a pre-registration phase which can be accessed on the following page:

Get ready to witness the rivalry of Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami in determining who is the strongest among them. While the two clan representatives were busy fighting, it turned out that the Orochi had also begun to rise and was determined to destroy humans once again.

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Pre-register now to get the latest updates and bonuses in the game The King of Fighters Allstar – Fierce Battle.

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