Kinemaster Diamond Pro Apk No Watermark (Download)

Kinemaster Diamond Pro Apk – Youtube has now become a livelihood industry for content creators, especially in Indonesia, but in order to be able to produce a good video when we upload it on YouTube, of course, we have to edit it first using a video editing application.

Because this video editing application is something that you must have when you want to become a YouTuber. However, not everyone has a PC to edit videos, so on this occasion I will share an android video editing application, namely kinemaster diamond.

Maybe for those of you who are reading this review, of course, you already know Kinemaster, because according to many people, Kinemaster is one of the best Android video editing applications ever. Besides being easy to use, of course, this application has many features and effects in it. Well, for more complete information about the musty Kinemaster diamond pro, please see the following:

Kinemaster Diamond Pro Apk is

Indeed, Kinemaster itself is the most widely used application for video editing. But did you know that this kinemaster has many versions including: kinemaster alan walker, kinemaster mod apk, and the newest one is kinemaster diamond. Oh, yes, from the several versions of kinemaster that I mentioned earlier, it is a modified version, not the original one.

Alright, let’s get into the discussion, so this kinemaster diamond is the result of a modification which has added various features in it such as no watermark. So that the video you edit will be cooler than using other video editing applications. Well, to download this application you can see below.

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Download Kinemaster Diamond Pro Apk Latest Version

Ok, if all of you here want to download and try to use kinemaster to edit videos. You can download it directly from the link I have prepared below.



Apk Detail Info

    • Name : Kinemaster Diamond
    • Version : V5
    • Size : 48.9 MB
    • Support : Android 4.0+

How to Install

If you have downloaded the application, don’t forget to install it. See and follow the tutorial as follows:

    1. Download kinemaster diamond pro apk
    2. Go to cellphone settings then activate unknown sources on your cellphone
    3. Next, install the application and wait for it to be completely installed
    4. Finished

Then what are the features in Kinemaster Diamond?? for that you can see below.

Kinemaster Diamond Features

As said earlier, this kinemaster diamond has many features in it, so the videos you edit will be better and cooler to upload on youtube and other social media. Here are the features:

    • 3d animation effects all open
    • Mosaic effects like video blur and others are also unlocked
    • Can change sound and also filter video
    • video speed control
    • Chroma key is active
    • No watermark
    • Improved resolution and quality
    • All features of kinemaster pro are all unlocked for free (no pay)
    • And there are many other features

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How to Edit Videos Using Kinemaster Diamond

For how to use this application, it’s actually almost the same as we use Kinemaster in general. However, if you want to know in more detail about how to use this kinemaster pro diamond, then you can see it below.

1. Create a New Project

create a new project

For the first time, when you want to edit a video on Kinemaster, of course you have to create a new project first. However, our advantage of using this application is that the old projects that we created will not be lost or deleted.

2. Add Videos

added a video

As in general, when we have created a new project, of course we are required to add the video that we want to edit. Well, in this feature you can add as many videos as you need in the gallery of your cellphone. The trick is to click media and select the video you want to edit.

3. Trim Video

cut video

In a video editing application, of course, there is a video cut feature, where the function of this feature is to cut the part of the video that we want to throw away or we don’t need. Make sure in this case you have to be careful, otherwise the video that we edit will be ugly.

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4. Add Effect Into Video

add effects to video

So that the results of the video that we edit are good, then the thing we have to do is add effects to it. The trick is that you enter the layer menu and select effects, there is a large list of video effects that you can use.

5. Add Video Backsound

added video background

Even though the video we edit is good, if it doesn’t have a backsound it looks like a dead video. Therefore, you have to add a backsound to your video, the way is that you click the audio feature and then all the cool backsound music will appear.

6. Save Video (Project)

When the video editing is complete, you can directly save the video or you can also download it directly in the kinemaster diamond application.

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The final word

It seems that the discussion about Kinemaster Diamond Pro Apk Without Watermark (Donwload) is enough at this meeting, hopefully the review I share can be useful and also beneficial for all of you. If this review is useful, please share it.

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