KFC collaborates with Genshin Impact to start promotion in China!

Rumors that Genshin Impact will collaborate with one fast food restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) In China!

Much needs to be done to improve marketing effort This is great, and collaboration helps to make it happen.

There are many great games out there that have collaborated with many big companies. KFC Also, it seems that they are collaborating again recently.

Genshin Impact is not the first game to collaborate with KFC. Galena Thailand Has also collaborated with a fast food restaurant by releasing a costume for Colonel Sanders at AOV.

Let’s see what the collaboration looks like.

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Genshin Impact x KFC in China!

Given how big KFC’s recent commitment to the gaming sector is, it’s not surprising to hear that it’s collaborating with Genshin Impact, of course. KFC was also discussed after wanting to release a game console similar to its typical bucket.

The collaboration is reported to have taken place in China, and we can conclude that this Mihoyo game is selling very well in China.

In your account Zeniet’s Twitter An account that contains information about the game “Genshin Impact” that posts an overview of the collaboration.

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Already visible Noel And Dirk Dressed in the iconic red and white outfits of a KFC-themed restaurant, we brought some of KFC’s flagship menu.

According to existing information, this collaboration will expire March 8, 2022And it’s unclear if the world will leave China.Judging from the appearance, this is just Fan art For KFC promotion in China.

It’s also unclear if the skins used by Noel and Dirac can be used for the original characters in the game. Still, this KFC promotion seems to sell well when you see Chinese players who are very enthusiastic about playing Genshin Impact.

The KFC bucket, which is the icon of the store, also has the character of Genshin Impact drawn on it, which is a very cool promotion.

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