Kentucky School Association Condemns Inter-School Fortnite Tournament

GridGames.ID –Last May, TechCrunch reports that PlayVS will team up with Epic Games to host high school and university level Fortnite tournaments.

For your information, almost all tournaments held by PlayVS also collaborate with the National Federation of Public High Schools throughout the United States.

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In this agreement they required each participating school to pay a fee of $64 per player.

Well, by cooperating with Epic Games, this time all the registration processes are guaranteed to be free.

Registration for individual schools will be open until May 17, while for universities until May 24.

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The tournament itself will only start on May 2, 2022.

However, even though it was held for free and guaranteed a large prize money, apparently there were schools that criticized this tournament.

Reported from PC Gamers, The Kentucky High School Athletic Association has condemned this activity.

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The school association from Kentucky has agreed that it will not participate in Fortnite tournaments or other inter-school competitions.

The reason is that the Fortnite game, which requires players to shoot each other, will hurt people’s hearts.

Moreover, the time of its implementation coincided with the anniversary of the Marshall County shooting incident several years ago.

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For those of you who don’t know, the Marshall County incident occurred in 2022.

The scene of a mass shooting at Marshall County High School in 2022.


The scene of a mass shooting at Marshall County High School in 2022.

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This mass shooting case occurred at Marshall County High School and was carried out by a 15 year old boy.

In the incident 2 students were killed and 14 others were injured. Four others were injured while trying to escape from the school.

The existence of a shooting game tournament between schools is considered not to respect the dark incident in the past.

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The association also considered that this tournament would have a negative impact on the students.

It’s as if teaching children how to shoot at will as it happens in games.

Despite receiving the rejection, it seems that PlayVS and Epic Games will still hold this tournament.


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