Kakashi FF Hair Config, Get it Free!

Kakashi Hair Config FF

Kakashi Hair Config FF – As a player or survivor of the Free Fire or FF game, of course you want to feel or use all the items or features in FF. However, because most of the existing features and items cannot be used without buying diamonds, so if we don’t have a lot of diamonds we can’t have them.

Moreover, to be able to have diamonds, we have to top up and need money to buy the diamonds. For this reason, on this good opportunity we will share a solution with you how to get existing items for free. the method that we will discuss specifically for the Kakashi Free Fire Hair item

We have discussed this on purpose, because lately there have been so many players who want to own or use this hair. Previously, we also shared how to get Sasuke FF Hair for free. Now we will share a special way to get Kakashi Hair for you. That way you can get it for free

If you really want to use or get Kakashi’s FF Hair Config, then on this occasion we will share the method or share the config with you. To be able to get what you want, please just take a look and also follow the procedures that we share and discuss in this article

Kakashi FF Hair Config, What Is It?

So far, many want to get Kakashi’s hair but still don’t understand what Config is. So it is necessary if we explain to you before you actually get the Config for you to use the hair claim. So Config is a code which you can use to claim the hair item you want

The hair item that can be claimed with the Config that we will share is Kakashi Free Fire’s Hair. So far, we think you have understood and understood. In this way, you don’t have to top up or take part in events held by Garena. To try it, please download and also use the Config that we will share

Download Config Hair Kakashi Free Fire

There are things you need to pay attention to and also understand, this Config doesn’t always work as it should. Because this Config is the result of a third party creation outside of Garena’s permission or knowledge as the official developer of Free Fire, there is a possibility that one day its function will have problems. While it’s still working, please use it


Please just download the file at the link above. If you have successfully downloaded it, then the next step or step is to just use the Config to claim the Hair item. Because this is specially created, only certain hair can be taken or obtained. So you guys don’t take another hair.

How to Use Kakashi’s Hair Config

  • Make sure you have downloaded the Config on the link above
  • Prepare an application that can open zip or rar files
  • Open the file with the application we mean
  • Then please extract the file that you have downloaded
  • When you have extracted several folders will appear, copy the com.dts.freefireth folder
  • Go to the android folder on your cellphone, select data and paste it into all folders
  • If you have, please try to take the hair in question by opening your FF game

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The final word

If that’s all we can explain and share with you. As is Kakashi Hair Config FF We hope that anyone who uses it can actually get or claim the hair for free without having to pay with diamonds.

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